Barb & Kenny

The Appalachian Adventures of Backwoods Barb & Kentucky Kenny

Watch an animatic of the pilot episode of Barb & Kenny above, and read the script for “Barb & Kenny’s Dream Mobile Home”. This video demonstrates storyboard stills timed out to scratch voice over, it is a visual representation of tone, setting and characters for the series.


Now that Barb has worn longtime boyfriend Kenny down, and they’ve moved into their dream mobile home, she is looking for a ring to seal the deal. Living happily ever after is nothing without compromise; together, Barb and Kenny will conquer the trailer park and make some besties and frenemies along the way. Get ready for big drama and big hair, all wrapped up in a doll-sized world.

barb-kenny-guitarAs the new couple in the park, Barb & Kenny are forced to work through their relationship issues with the added pressure from their outspoken community and Barb’s grandparents, Memaw and Pepaw. Through Barb & Kenny’s adventures in the park they meet new besties and neighbors, Kurt and Kristee. The two couples bond quickly and team up against the bad girls of the park, the Trailer Trash Trio: Tess, Skidder and BJ. The TTT are notorious for boyfriend stealing, female sabotage and general trashiness. But any animated world wouldn’t be complete without animal sidekicks. Memaw and Pepaw ride up from the swamplands on their noble steed Gilly. While Barb’s adopted pet rascal, Reckon the Raccoon, always has a hidden agenda.

Barb & Kenny is a comedic parody, filmed as a stop-motion animation, with the intention to become a  short-form web series. While it parodies the Barbie world and characters Mattel has created, it also draws inspiration from everyday life. It focuses on typical couple conflicts and finding your place in the world as a woman, partner, homemaker and career-striver.


barb-kennyBarb & Kenny – The It Couple

Barb & Kenny have just moved into their dream mobile home in a sunny, pink trailer park. Barb is driven, whatever she puts her mind to she accomplishes. She wore Kenny down on moving in together, and now she has her sights set on a dream wedding with her dream man. Kenny is your typical man’s man, he loves hunting, fishing, working on his dream car and drinking beer with his buds. Kenny exhibits a typical male fear of commitment, it took him 3 years to agree on moving in with Barb, so he’s not thinking about proposing any time soon, he wants to enjoy his freedom while he has it.

memaw-pepawMemaw & Pepaw – The In-laws

Memaw & Pepaw, Barb’s grandparents, raised Barb after she was abandoned by her mother who chose to realize her dream of becoming a stewardess. Memaw sides with Barb on all issues and loves giving Kenny a hard time about when he’s going to propose and put a baby in her Barb’s hollow belly. Pepaw, on the other hand, is very down to earth and looks to Kenny as his sole male ally in a female controlled world.

kurt-kristeeKurt & Kristee – The Neighbors

Kurt & Kristee are a friendly couple who don’t have any allies in the trailer park, simply because they are the only black people who live there. Kristee has been looking for a girlfriend to bond with and finds just that in Barb, they bond quickly over typical female woes of living with a slovenly, lazy man. While Kurt also bonds with Kenny over being driven crazy by their women’s demands and fending off advances from the very forward TTT.

the-ttt-tess-bj-skidderTess, Skidder & BJ (Becky Jo) aka The Trailer Trash Trio (aka The TTT) – The Rivals

The Trailer Trash Trio are the park’s resident squad of bad girls; they are leader Tess, her sidekick BJ and her kid-sister Skidder. The TTT are guy crazy and are constantly making advances towards Kurt and Kenny, which puts them on bad terms with Barb & Kristee. The TTT get especially jealous when Barb moves into the park, as she gets all the attention they wish for themselves. They see it upon themselves to ruin Barb’s life and relationship with Kenny, so they can reclaim their rightful spot as the HBICs of the trailer park.

reckon-gillyReckon the Raccoon & Gilly the Gator – Animal Sidekicks

Reckon is a mischievous raccoon, who clings to Barb and will protect her above all. Reckon is constantly meddling in the humans’ lives, despite their knowledge of his interference. Gilly, like the grandparents, just wants to relax in retirement, but is constantly being pestered by Reckon. Gilly tries to get Reckon caught by the humans, but always manages to get blamed for his bad behavior.



101 – Barb & Kenny’s Dream Mobile Home – In the pilot episode, Barb & Kenny argue over moving their things into their new mobile home.

102 – Memaw & Pepaw Move In – Memaw & Pepaw ride up from the swamplands on Gilly the Gator and announce they will be moving in.

103 – Barb & Kenny Meet the Neighbors – Barb & Kenny meet their friendly neighbors Kurt & Kristee, who warn them about potential sabotage from The TTT: Tess, BJ and Skidder.

104 – Kenny Fixes Up His Dream Car – Kenny surprises Barb by buying a broken down car, which he and Kurt fix up.

105 – The 21st Annual Miss Minnie Pageant – Barb and Kristee team up against The TTT in the annual Miss Miniature Mobile Home Pageant.

106 – Reckon’s Day of Reckoning – We see this episode through the eyes of Reckon the Raccoon, he slyly meddles with the humans’ lives as Gilly the Gator tries to stop him.

107 – Kurt & Kristee’s 4th of July BBQ – This Kurt & Kristee-centric episode explores what it’s like to be the only black couple in the park, as they host the big 4th of July BBQ.

108 – Barb Catches Kenny with The TTT – After a wild 4th of July BBQ, Barb catches Kenny in bed with The TTT and kicks him out of their trailer.

109 – How Barb Got Her Groove Back – Kenny tries to make up with Barb, but she’s already moved on with a new guy.

110 – How Kenny Got Barb Back – Kenny knows he has to go big or go home to win Barb back, so he plans a surprise wedding for her.


201 – The Newlywed Game – Barb & Kenny return home from their honeymoon and face off against Kurt & Kristee in a game of who knows their partner best.

202 – Barb Goes to Night School – Barb is finally married, but she wants more, so she secretly decides to enroll in night school to get her GED.

203 – Kenny Suspects Barb is Unfaithful – With Barb sneaking out night after night, Kenny suspects she is cheating on him, but he discovers she’s actually taking classes.

204 – Kenny the House-Husband – Kenny tries to support Barb by taking on the role of House-Husband, but soon realizes how much work it is.

205 – Barb’s Mom Comes to Visit – Barb’s mom Dollie returns from her adventures in the sky as a stewardess. While Barb is thrilled to be reunited with her mom, Memaw, Pepaw and Kenny are skeptical.

206 – Barb’s Quarter-Life Crisis – As graduation day approaches, Barb begins to grow anxious about what she’s going to do next.

207 – Barb’s Got One in the Oven – After Barb’s meltdown, Dollie figures out that Barb is pregnant, but they decide to keep the news a secret from Kenny.

208 – Barb’s Secret Baby Shower – All the women in the trailer park know about Barb’s pregnancy and plan a surprise baby shower, but accidentally surprise Kenny with the news.

209 – Barb & Dollie Keep Goin’ – Between graduation and the baby, the pressure is really mounting for Barb, so she decides to steal Kenny’s car and run away, Thelma and Louise style, with Dollie.

210 – Barb Graduates High School – Dollie abandons Barb on the side of the road, and a pregnant Barb now has to hike back in time for her GED graduation and make things right with Kenny.


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